(By Amazing Grace)


                                        Our Services

                                    We offer both off the shelf and bespoke services:

  • We stock a number of pre-designed, off the shelf dresses, skirts, and tops, in European sizes from 6 to 16. 

  • We provide a bespoke design and tailoring service, catering to your exact needs, using either Virya's unique fabrics or materials supplied by you. 

As part of the social side of our business, we offer free sewing and tailoring training to young women from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the enthusiasm to grow personally and professionally. We provide high quality instruction that equips these women to go on to gain a decent living using their new skills.  

Currently we are receiving the first batch of students from Myanmar Mobile Education Project, teenagers who are working at teashops and they come to Virya for four - six hours per week to learn the basis of sewing and tailoring. For more information, please contact Pyone at or call +95 9 421127726